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A platform designed to elevate your website to the top of Google search results, boost traffic, and drive more sales. With this tool, you'll receive improvement suggestions for your content effortlessly, and with just one simple click, you can approve and implement them, taking your website's performance to new heights.

  • Keep track of your real-time Google ranking.
  • Enhance your web pages for optimal SEO performance.
  • Utilize AI to create compelling blogs.
  • Automatically generate content infused with high-ranking keywords.


An online directory tailored specifically for small to medium-sized enterprises, this leading platform offers many benefits to help businesses attract new customers and optimize their savings on daily products and services.

  • Enhanced local visibility for potential customers
  • Amplified traffic to your website
  • Photo gallery to showcase your business



A website that offers valuable and up-to-date information about petrol and diesel prices in different locations, enabling users to compare prices across various fuel stations. Additionally, the website offers insights into fuel price trends, helping users make informed decisions about when and where to purchase fuel.

  • Fuel price tracking
  • Location-based search
  • Historical price data
  • Price alerts

Kids Life Skills


An innovative and comprehensive platform designed to foster seamless collaboration and engagement within organizations, connecting all team members in a private workspace. This platform revolutionizes the teaching and learning experience, facilitating lesson planning, interactive online classrooms, and more.

  • Tailored roles and responsibilities
  • Secure access and content sharing
  • Effortless lesson planning and scheduling
  • Simulated real-life classroom experience
  • Collaboration across workspaces

Computer Vision Systems in Aquaculture


A versatile AI-powered digital system to identify, assess and prevent operational challenges on farms using hi-tech equipment by turning them into actionable insights. The intelligent sensor technology uses a range of dynamic parameters and detection models to identify patterns in data and images and make predictions, translate potential risks to the situation into easy-to-understand insights and recommend actions for the team.

  • Reduces dependencies on manual labor and subjective assessments.
  • Improves accuracy, precision and repeatability in farming operations.
  • Helps in identifying fish category & fish diseases.
  • Facilitates more autonomous and continuous monitoring of farming operations
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A platform that empowers plant growers to achieve full automation and optimize their growing operations through a centralized dashboard. By integrating machine learning capabilities, improved control and efficiency in managing critical aspects like temperature, humidity, irrigation, and ventilation are achieved.

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Crop-Specific Recommendations
  • Smart Greenhouse Integration
  • Remote Device Control
  • Increased Control and Efficiency


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“Adeel and his team contributed to our project in an amazing way, bringing their expertise and skills to help us deliver our project in record time and quality. Today, the fully functional tool is in use by our customers and gaining traction internationally. Thank you”

Aquaculture Intelligence , Peter Zeller

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“Worked with Adeel again to integrate 3rd party data set into the platform. Gave him requirements and he asked clarification questions and showed progress over the delivery timeframe.Numerous projects working with Adeel and always pleased with the output.”

Web Crawler and N.L.P , Jaseem

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“Adeel, is very professional, intelligent, smart and listens to your request. I was skeptical at first but I soon realized that I was in good hands. Without a doubt, and with eyes closed, I would recommend Adeel any time. I am already working with him on my next project”

Web Tenders Automation , Romeo Jack Barbosa

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“PanaceaLogics has done an awesome job on my project. I have proposed another project for PanaceaLogics to do it for me. PanaceaLogics has delivered a quality of the work. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get some apps done. Please check PanaceaLogics out.”

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App , Virey

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“PanaceaLogics was very responsive and helpful with my project. They followed instructions and completed the project as per requirement, earlier, and below budget. Highly recommended and will definetly work with them again in the future for other projects.”

Luis Chat Bot, Bernard

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“ Panacealogics provided us complete core development team that took care of all aspects of our cloud-based technology stack (development, testing, deployment, hosting/operating, etc) while we focused on product management and client relationships. ”

Co-Founder UrbanBlue , Pascal Rod


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