4 Areas Where AI Will Enhance Your Company’s Competitive Advantage

According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review among 250 executives knowledgeable about their company’s use of cognitive technology, 75% predict that AI will have a significant impact on business within the next three years. That’s a huge number! In fact, more than  $500 billion will be invested in AI by governments and corporations worldwide over the course of the next three years, according to research IDC (International Data Corporation). In addition, 90% of the most advanced business apps are expected to incorporate AI by 2025. Not just this, Accenture predicts that by 2035, the use of AI will improve the revenue of various industries by 38%, to the tune of $14 trillion. From all the stats above, it’s becoming quite obvious that artificial intelligence (AI) technology is not just here to stay but is going to have far-reaching effects by enhancing the competitive advantage of our businesses. But the question here is which are the main areas where AI can enhance your company’s competitive advantage? Is AI just limited to enhancing customer support or time & cost savings? Or are there any more wonders it can do to your businesses?

How AI Will Enhance Your Company’s Competitive Advantage?

With all the cool technology happening, businesses need to think differently about how they plan and do things. One super cool thing in tech is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is like the hero leading the way in making things awesome for businesses. Now, let’s see how businesses can use AI to be better than the rest! Here are the 4 main ways your business can be super special and better than others by using different parts of AI.

Predictive Analysis; AI’s Power of Predictive Analytics Will Help Your Business Elevate Your Marketing and Customer Relation Goals

To maintain an advantage over rivals, it is essential to anticipate future industry trends, client behavior, and market dynamics. Patterns in data can be discovered and reliable predictions made with the help of AI and ML. Businesses may better anticipate client wants, improve pricing, and predict market trends with the help of predictive analytics. This foresight helps businesses seize opportunities ahead of the competition by guiding strategic decision-making, resource allocation, and exploitation. Predictive analytics has the potential to bring about enormous gains for businesses. Companies focused on sales, such as automotive Mastermind, are already making use of these kinds of AI models to process vast volumes of data with several models in order to find correlations that people would miss. Take the case of a car buyer who is on the lookout for something more up to date. Intent data is analyzed by AI to locate potential consumers who share the same interests. Then the AI can suggest vehicles that were bought by folks with similar preferences. Because of this, car lots may make more informed purchases and sales without waiting for customers to express a demand.

Self-Service Software Engineering; AI’s Self-Service Software Engineering Will Lead to Faster Innovation & Better Job Satisfaction in Your Business

Imagine making cool computer programs. There’s a new way called platform engineering, and it uses smart automation to make this process faster, especially when we use Artificial Intelligence (AI). So, the people who create these programs, called developers, really like platform engineering. It helps them make programs more easily, saves time, and lets them focus on making really good software. Think of it like having super tools that do a lot of the work, so the creators can spend more time making awesome stuff. In the world of computer programs, where things can get pretty complicated, having these smart tools is like having a superhero team to make things simpler and better! In fact, according to Gartner , if software engineering firms want to keep up with increasing customer demand for online services and further digital transformation, they will need to set up platform teams as internal providers.

Fraud Detection; AI’s Fraud Detection & Cybersecurity System Will Protect Your Company’s Data from Malicious Malware

AI Fraud Detection & Cybersecurity System
There has been a growth in both cybercrime and attempts at online fraud in recent years. The use of AI and ML is crucial in identifying and stopping such criminal actions. In order to detect fraudulent activity, machine learning algorithms can examine massive datasets in search of trends and outliers. Businesses may safeguard themselves against financial loss, their customers’ personal information, and any damage to their reputation with the help of AI-powered fraud detection systems. In today’s increasingly digital environment, firms can gain customers’ trust and a competitive edge by remaining vigilant against cyber-attacks. Discussions about the benefits of chatbots like ChatGPT, which can be used to create unethical or even malicious code, have also put cyber security in the spotlight. Many people doubt the long-term value of GPT since it can be used for malicious endings even when it is explicitly built to be honest about its virtuous and good-hearted objective.

Programmatic Advertising; Save Time by Implementing AI’s Programmatic Publicity Strategies & Take Decisions Quickly

AI increasing company's competitive advantage
Programmatic advertising is driven by AI and machine learning. They make it possible to sift through mountains of information—including user actions, preferences, and surroundings—in order to serve ads that are highly targeted and contextual. Campaign performance, bid strategy, and creative aspects can all benefit from their use. Programmatic advertising can be made more efficient, effective, and scalable with the help of AI and machine learning. Marketers may boost interaction, purchase intent, and customer loyalty by using user data to personalize their advertising messages and content. They can cut expenses and waste, which is a further advantage. Automating the ad purchasing and selling process helps marketers save time and money while protecting them from accidentally paying for fake or irrelevant views. They may also promote creativity and experimentation, which is an additional perk. Goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) should be defined in a way that is consistent with the company’s goals and the client’s journey. Choose channels, shareholders and technologies that provide visibility, accountability, and adaptability. Keep tabs on the most recent developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning and use the data you collect to inform your efforts and guide incremental improvements. Keep these guidelines in mind and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your marketing objectives using programmatic publicity.


AI is put to good use in programmed DSPs through the optimization of bids. Here, the AI uses identification of patterns to ascertain a user’s worth, guiding the advertiser’s spending to where it will do the best, rather than on stock. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools, like machine learning (ML) computations, may examine massive datasets in search of abnormalities and trends that might point to fraudulent actions. Whether it’s financial fraud, identity theft, or phishing, fraud management systems driven by AI can detect and stop it. 

Automation is one of the most visible ways in which AI is already influencing commercial life. Automation systems driven by AI can help firms optimize operations, cut expenses, and maximize output. 

Personalized marketing initiatives powered by AI can strengthen relationships with clients and boost loyalty. Businesses may save time and money by using content production solutions powered by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is used by self-driving automobiles for navigation and decision-making. Predicting the occurrence of natural disasters is one of the many uses of artificial intelligence. Natural disasters, such as storms and earthquakes, can be forecast using data analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithms. The space program is making use of AI. 

Google Assistant is a pioneer in artificial intelligence and widely regarded as one of the most innovative digital helpers currently available. Voice and text commands are processed using natural language understanding, and it can perform tasks such as searching the web and controlling home appliances with the sound of your voice. 

Processing of natural language (NLP) 

One of the most talked about areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning in 2023 is natural language processing. An artificial intelligence technique, it streamlines routine linguistic tasks. 

Take Home… 

Potentially transformative advantages of AI technologies are now being realized in all sectors of the economy. However, companies need to embrace a holistic strategy that considers technological, moral, and cultural factors in order to fully achieve its potential.  


Organizations that put these values first are more likely to be transparent, trustworthy, and socially responsible, all of which are essential to achieving goals like digitization, competitive advantage, and agility for business. 



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