Top 6 Automation Agencies in Australia: Review 2023

The market for automation is expected to expand dramatically in the next years, so here we look at the leading firms revolutionizing production.   Industrial automation systems use computers to regulate and track machinery and equipment with the objective of improving productivity and efficiency by eliminating the need for human intervention in routine operations. A recent study estimates that the worldwide industrial automation industry will grow from its 2021 value of US$140.39bn to US$233.94bn by 2028, making the technology a crucial part of Industry 4.0.     Moreover, McKinsey’s recent study estimated that between 25 and 46% of present labor activities in Australia might be automated by 2030 just to stimulate increased productivity, individual income, and economic growth.   In this article, we take a look at the best platforms for all automation needs in Australia. 

Top 6 Automation Agencies in Australia for Your Businesses 

1. Panacealogics – Best Agency for All Automation Needs   

Automation Agencies - Panacealogics Panacealogics is an emerging name in the world of the Artificial Intelligence Solutions industry. From mobile apps to cloud setup on the web, their AI-based automation testing services are a go-to option for dozens of companies. They will take care of all your cloud-based technology stack, including development, testing, deployment, hosting, operating, etc.     Panacealogics AI-based testing software is automated for any language, browser, and platform thanks to cross-language and cross-browser support. Users can gain complete access to the backend APIs and datasets for thorough testing, which Panacealogics makes available to you.  
  • Data Science  
  • Web & Mobile Application Development  
  • Desktop Application  
  • I.O.T Experts  
  • Object Detection   
  • And other AI-based solutions.   

2. Ennoblir Marketing Agency – Best Not Just for Your Automation Needs   

Automation Agencies - Ennoblir Ennoblir Agency is like a helpful friend for big and growing businesses. They know how to make special campaigns, plan complicated journeys, use email and digital tools, manage different ways of reaching people, and make sure everything stays good for the future. They work all around the world, with offices in Melbourne and Paris. 
  • Email Marketing  
  • Automation  
  • Startups & Scaleups  
  • Business strategy  
  • Lead generation and public relations  
  • Social media  
  • Reputation management & Partnerships  

3. InStrand – Best to Automate All Your Business Needs   

Automation Agencies - InStrand
InStrand develops independent systems or integrates with your current cloud technologies to automate processes and synchronize data throughout your organization. The company’s primary toolset is a no-code enterprise-level platform that can be integrated with any application of your choice. This ensures swift and inexpensive shipping for you yet reliable and tailor-made answers.   If a company makes things simpler and faster, people can spend more time on important tasks. If your company needs help with making tasks automatic and keeping information organized, you might want to check out InStrand. 
  • Auto-Project & Fulfillment Setup  
  • Auto-Schedule Sales Calls and Follow-ups  
  • SSO & SAML configuration  
  • Digitize Hardcopy Process  
  • Automate Manual Process  
  • Sync Contacts Across the Business  

4. Kinetic IT

Automation Agencies - Kinetic IT Kinetic IT is a business that offers IT support. In fact, it is cool to say that Kinetic IT is a cool company based in Perth, Australia. They help with computer security, IT (which is like computer stuff), and support for phones and internet. They do a bunch of other helpful things too! They’re so good at what they do that Deloitte, a big business group, gave them a special award in 2021. The people who work at Kinetic IT also get lots of great benefits. 
  • Automation & A.I.  
  • Cloud & Hybrid  
  • Cyber Security  
  • Data & Analytics  
  • Digital Workspace  
  • E.S.M  
  • Infrastructure  
  • Applications  
  • SIAM (Service Integration and Management)  

5. TechnologyOne

Automation Agencies - Technology One Technology One is an information technology software company. The company’s main office may be found in Brisbane, Australia. The team’s current efforts are directed toward developing improved accounting software for commercial and public sector organizations. It operates in six different nations, offering a wide variety of technical services like accounting, asset administration, supply chain administration, HR, and more. In 1992, TechnologyOne developed TAFE Queensland’s College Administration System (CAP), which is now widely adopted across Australian higher education. Additionally, this is now available in New Zealand.  
  • Business Analytics  
  • Corporate Performance Management  
  • Enterprise Asset Management  
  • Enterprise Budgeting  
  • Performance Planning  
  • Spatial  
  • Strategic Asset Management  
  • Student Management  
  • Supply Chain Management  
  • Timetabling & Scheduling  

6. Iress 

Automation Agencies - Iress Iress, with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, is a major player in the financial IT software market. Accounting software, consulting, financial technology, software development, and so on are only some of the services they offer. The Iress Order System (IOS) was released by the Iress Corporation in June 1997. All eight countries can take advantage of their reliable and expandable services. Iress Software has also been in charge of running the nonprofit that helps kids who are disabled, have complicated medical needs, or have been injured.  
  • Trading & Market Data   
  • API Data & Training Solutions   
  • Execution Management System   
  • Portfolio System   
  • Financial Automated Solutions   


Compared to the OECD average of 14%, the latest OECD estimates suggest that 10% of employment in Australia is at high risk of automation. The percentage of jobs in danger of considerable change is assessed at 24.6%, lower than the average of 31.6% across OECD countries.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2021 — SYDNEY Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) predicts that by 2030, AI and automation will have eliminated 11% of Australian jobs, or the equivalent of 1.5 million people‘s livelihoods.  

Automation technicians in Australia may expect to make an average annual income of $80,000 to $120,000.  

Automation aims to reduce human involvement in the production and distribution of goods and services. Many traditionally labor-intensive tasks are made more effective, reliable, and/or faster through the use of automation technologies, techniques, and procedures.  

Marketers and analysts may gain a lot from data automation. Time can be saved, errors minimized, productivity boosted, and insights into the effectiveness of the marketing campaign gained in real-time.  

Get in Touch with Your Preferred Automation Agency in Australia   

Following our discussion, here are Australia’s top six automation providers. It will provide the most advanced global automation and technical solutions. This post will help you find better alternatives for your company if you are searching for the top Software outsourcing service situated in Australia. Each agency mentioned here is an expert in their services so don’t worry about not getting any results.   



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